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18 Annoying Things That Happen When You're Obsessed With Eyebrows

When you need a new word because you're way beyond ~on fleek~.

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1. When you prioritise your brow's needs over your own.

2. When the weather wants to ruin your look.

3. When you work out why you're unrecognisable in every old photo.

4. When you can't help but be a bit of a terrible person.

5. When you risk everything for that on point shape.

6. When you see someone who doesn't appreciate how lucky they were to be so brow-blessed.

7. And when you find yourself comparing brows with everyone and everything around you.

8. When your weak spot is so damn obvious.

9. When you try to share the brow-love but fail miserably.

10. And when your one-sidedness has disastrous results.

11. And these results are right out there for the world to see for the rest of the day.

12. When your love for flawless brows makes it hard to concentrate on anything else.

13. And when you can't help but hold a grudge.

14. When you reveal your make-up free face to someone for the first time, and hope they recognise you.

15. When your regular appointment gets swapped.

16. When you - very briefly - wonder if you've got your priorities right.

17. And worry about your brow's life after death.

18. When you remember that you're in this for life, through the good and bad brow days.

And are totally OK with that.