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This Rainbow Cheese Toastie Is Here To Change The Way You See The World

It's just as magical as you're imagining.

Just when you think you've seen it all, something comes along and shakes up your entire world. Today, that thing is this rainbow cheese toastie.

The magical sandwich is from Hong Kong's Kala Toast.

@ngwingyung / Via Instagram: @ngwingyung

Look how cheesy! Look how colourful!

According to @hkfoodiexblogger, the sandwich contains four types of cheese and costs $42HKD, which equals about $7AUD. The rainbow colours are also different flavours.

Really, though, regardless of whether or not those flavours actually go together, this sandwich would be worth buying just for the prettiness.

@bibiilam / Via Instagram: @bibiilam

That rainbow really is A++.

So there you have it: Right now in Hong Kong, there's a bright and cheesy sandwich, just waiting to change your life forever.

@chow_venus / Via Instagram: @chow_venus


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