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    Posted on 12 Oct 2015

    This Artist Transforms Bratz Dolls Into The World's Most Inspiring Women

    Imagine the tea party you could host with Frida, Malala, and J.K. Rowling on the guest list.

    Vancouver-based artist Wendy Tsao creates perfect toy-versions of some of history's most empowering women by re-painting Bratz dolls.

    Because hands up if you wish you had your own Frida Kahlo to play with when you were a kid. 🙌

    Inspired by an Australian artist who gave the dolls a "make-under", Tsao's project began after reading a children's book about primatologist and activist, Jane Goodall.

    "I don’t know the answer, but I wonder if a child who plays with a doll of someone who is a real person who did some amazing things might think more about real-life things, and appreciate more the real potential that lies within all of us, than when she or he plays with say, a Disney character or Bratz doll," Tsao tells BuzzFeed Life.

    "You know how we 'outgrow' our Bratz dolls or Disney princess dolls? It’s hard to imagine feeling the same way about Malala Yousafzai. Can you outgrow Malala?"



    Despite only starting her project a few months ago, Tsao has already completed a number of transformations, including one dedicated to J.K. Rowling, complete with Gryffindor scarf.

    A Roberta Bondar doll, ready for takeoff.

    And an incredible Waris Dirie.

    Tsao will be auctioning the dolls in a few weeks. Details and more of her wonderful work can be found on her website.

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