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These Artists Are Illustrating All The Weird Things Women Call Their Period

Warning: Bloody cute illustrations ahead.

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This January, Melbourne's Enough Space gallery is playing host to Shark Week, an art exhibition that explores all the weird things women call their period.

Ambivalently Yours / Via

The exhibition opens on January 15 and runs until the 31st. It looks like it's going to be ~bloody~ brilliant.

The idea for the exhibition came about when designer and social entrepreneur, Roslyn Campbell, first heard the euphemism, "I'm having my garage painted".

Filthyratbag / Via

"I laughed so much and just thought about how strange all these phrases are. I then thought about how fun it would be to illustrate these and take them literally in a visual way," Roslyn tells BuzzFeed Life. Beyond pulling together Shark Week, 29-year-old Roslyn is also the brain behind sustainable and socially conscious sanitary pad brand, Tsuno.

The works of 33 local and international female artists will be included in the exhibition, each depicting a different hilarious phrase, mainly through collage and illustration.

Frances Cannon / Via

Alongside the exhibition there will also be a pop-up store selling products designed by some of the artists involved and a pleasure workshop run by sexologist Vanessa Muradian. All proceeds from the store, workshop, and ticket sales are going to the International Women's Development Agency, an Australia-based agency that supports women living in poverty.

Beyond spreading the important message that periods should no longer be a taboo subject, all of the artworks are just really fucking cool.

Alexia Brehas / Via

"It's been so awesome to see how everyone's styles are so different and how they have interpreted the theme," says Roslyn.