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15 Amazing Doughnuts Everyone In Sydney Needs To Try Immediately

This city is a wonderful, wonderful place.

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Alana Dimou / Grumpy Donuts / Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed / Via

1. Grumpy Donuts, online / Via

This newly-launched doughnut company promises the brightest, tastiest, most photogenic treats delivered straight to you. These doughnuts are also available in several Sydney cafes, including Orto Trading Co., The Wedge Espresso and Bread & Butter if you can't possibly wait.

2. Smalltown, Avalon

Don't leave Smalltown without ordering the Strawberry Rose doughnut. Because, really, if you're presented with the opportunity to eat a dessert covered in rose petals, you've got to take it.

3. Pablo and Rusty's, Sydney CBD

This Nutella doughnut, which comes topped with Froot Loops, is the perfect side for your coffee.

4. Wieczorkowski, Woollahra

Get down to this traditional Polish cafe and enjoy a fresh, jam-filled pączki for $4.90.

5. Kurtosh, Surry Hills

While these are actually kürtőskalács - not traditional doughnuts - these spiral pastries need to be tasted by every Sydneysider.

6. El Topo Mexican, Bondi Junction

Mexican doughnuts are some of the best doughnuts - especially when they come with hot chocolate dipping sauce.

7. Brewtown Newtown, Newtown

Affectionally known as "brewnuts", Brewtown's selection of doughnuts and doughnut-fusions is ever-changing, so schedule a visit at least once a month.

8. The Milk Bar by Café Ish, Redfern

You can order six doughnuts from The Milk Bar through Menu Log for $25, so invite some friends around and host the best damn tea party anyone's ever seen.

9. The Cook and Baker, Bondi Junction

If these vanilla custard and jam doughnuts aren't enough to get you excited, you should probably be concerned for your own wellbeing.

10. The Chef And The Barista, Neutral Bay

You actually can't beat a doughnut that's INJECTED with Nutella.

11. Bertoni Casalinga, Balmain

With another Nutella doughnut that can't be missed, Bertoni gives your favourite dessert an Italian edge.

12. Woah Nelly, online

Order yourself some doughnuts online and get maple bacon, caramel rough or the "Homer Simpson" delivered to wherever you are. Just be sure to place your order around a week in advance, and remember the minimum request is nine doughnuts.

13. Devon on Danks, Waterloo

Devon "Cronnies" flavours include pork floss, salted-caramel popcorn, passionfruit and coconut, and black sesame and red bean, so expect to have a fairly tough time placing your order.

14. The Pig & Pastry, Petersham

Perfect for those who prefer their doughnuts custard-filled.

15. Adriano Zumbo, various locations

"Zonuts" are Adriano Zumbo's amazing version of cronuts. As with anything that comes out of a Zumbo's, these things are next level good.