What Do You Think Is Most Likely To Happen In Australia This Year?

New prime minister or new Shapes flavour?

  1. Who is more likely to win Triple J's Hottest 100?
    1. Flume
    2. Via Triple J
      Literally anyone else
  1. Which of these events is more likely to occur?
    1. Via Stefan Postles / Getty Images
      Australia gets another new prime minister
    2. Shapes try and fuck with their recipe again
  1. Which of these ingredients is a Melbourne café more likely to add to a latte?
    1. Via Getty Images
    2. Via Getty Images
      Blue cheese
  1. Who is more likely to become a meme this year?
    1. Via Mike Windle / Getty Images
      Lara Worthington
    2. Via Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images
      Bill Shorten
  1. Which iconic meat snack is more likely to become ~cool~ again?
    1. Via Getty Images
      Footy franks
    2. Devon
  1. Which former reality TV star is most likely to get a spot on morning radio?
    1. Via Warner Music
      Scott Cain, Popstars
    2. Via BMG
      Sara-Marie, Big Brother
  1. Which discontinued food is more likely to make a comeback?
    1. McCain Potato Smiles
    2. Sunnyboys
  1. And what food that's available now is more likely to be taken off shelves by the end of the year?
    1. Arnott’s Nice
    2. Allen’s Black Cats

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