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    Here's How To Plan Your Hangover Like A Grown-Ass Adult

    If you've reached the life stage where even a couple of drinks knock you out the next day, it's time to start planning your hangovers.

    I dramatically say "I just can't" about a lot of things, but hangovers are one of the things I literally just can't deal with anymore.

    Here's everything you need to know about planning the perfect hangover day:

    1. Don't make plans for your hangover day if you have a track record of cancelling on people.

    2. And if you're potentially going to be super hungover, set the expectation that you'll achieve nothing that day.

    3. If you can, get your errands done in the days leading up to your hangover day to limit that guilt even more.

    4. Invest in a quality eye mask that will block out that nasty sun for as long as you need.

    5. Put fresh sheets on your bed before you head out for the night.

    6. In fact, just try and clean your whole place.

    7. Have your laptop fully charged and within reach of your bed, with something ready to watch.

    8. Buy the ingredients to make your favorite hangover meal in advance, or save leftovers specifically for your hangover day.

    9. Pop a few bottles or water or Gatorade in your fridge, so they're nice and cold when you get home.

    10. As soon as you wake up, get up and shower — or at the very least, wash your face.

    11. Then change into a fresh pair of pajamas and crawl back into bed.

    Now, grab that water, those leftovers, and your laptop, and enjoy your perfectly planned hangover day!