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    Here's How To Plan Your Hangover Like A Grown-Ass Adult

    If you've reached the life stage where even a couple of drinks knock you out the next day, it's time to start planning your hangovers.

    I dramatically say "I just can't" about a lot of things, but hangovers are one of the things I literally just can't deal with anymore.

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    And yes, I know I could just stop drinking altogether β€” and I do drink a lot less than I used to β€” but these days, I often feel crappy after a few glasses of wine. So, I now do what I call hangover planning.

    Hangover planning is rooted in living intentionally. Basically, you know something's going to happen, so you make careful considerations and put plans into action to make that thing less painful. Imagine if you knew you were going to get the flu next week: you'd make soup, give your boss a heads up, buy extra tissues. Now, imagine that same preparation, but for a monster hangover.

    Here's everything you need to know about planning the perfect hangover day:

    1. Don't make plans for your hangover day if you have a track record of cancelling on people.

    There are few feelings worse than remembering you have plans at 2 p.m. after waking up feeling like you've been hit by a bus. So plan ahead and, well, don't make plans. By intentionally keeping your schedule free you're not actually wasting a day β€” you're spending it recovering, as thoughtfully intended.

    2. And if you're potentially going to be super hungover, set the expectation that you'll achieve nothing that day.


    I suffer from the guilts a lot, especially when it's the weekend and I don't leave the house. Going into your hangover day knowing you'll do absolutely nothing but watch TV and order food gives you time to work through your I'm-wasting-my-day anxiety before the big day actually arrives. Instead, you'll feel beyond impressed with yourself if you actually do manage to get anything done. Small wins, people!

    3. If you can, get your errands done in the days leading up to your hangover day to limit that guilt even more.

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    I'm talking post office runs, calls with your mom, and laundry. The less shit you have to do, the less shit you're going to be in bed stressing about. You're already going to physically feel like crap, so the more you can do to limit your mental hurt, the better.

    4. Invest in a quality eye mask that will block out that nasty sun for as long as you need.

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    I've written about this eye mask before, but I need to mention it again here. Though I first invested in the IMAK Compression Eye Mask to help me deal with regular migraines, I've also whipped it out on several foggy mornings. The mask is slightly weighted by compression beads and blocks out all surrounding light. I also keep mine in the freezer, so it cools my sore head. For headaches, this mask is an actual life-saver, and I can't recommend it enough!

    Get it from Amazon for $11.31.

    5. Put fresh sheets on your bed before you head out for the night.

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    Simply put: Hangovers are gross. They also carry with them the power to make everything around you feel gross. If you wake up at home, your bed will (hopefully) be the place you first realize that you are, in fact, deathly hungover. Make this experience as nice as possible by wrapping it in soft, fresh-smelling linens.

    6. In fact, just try and clean your whole place.

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    I always feel better when my apartment is clean, and when I'm not feeling 100%, I need those small happy feels even more. Even if it's just giving your bedroom a quick tidy or wiping down your kitchen counters and bathroom sink, it's nice to wake up somewhere fresh when you feel the opposite.

    7. Have your laptop fully charged and within reach of your bed, with something ready to watch.

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    Even when I'm not hungover, opening my laptop, planning to watch something in bed, only to find that the battery is dead sucks. Do yourself a favor and charge your shit up, so it's there ready for use; a little gift from your thoughtful sober self.

    Bonus tip: The Harry Potter movies are the best hangover day entertainment.

    8. Buy the ingredients to make your favorite hangover meal in advance, or save leftovers specifically for your hangover day.

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    Somehow, even after many years of drinking, I still find hangovers hard to accept. And for some reason, shopping for hangover food ahead of time always felt like jinxing myself β€” as though I'm begging for a hangover in the future. But this is silly; prepping is smart, especially if you find your decision-making abilities are practically non-existent when you're hungover. My go-to meal is a grilled cheese with tomato and onion, so I'm trying to get in the habit of having those ingredients handy when I have a night out planned. If you know you're not going to be in the mood to prepare any food while hungover, get your favorite takeout on Friday or Saturday night, think about Future You, and save something for them.

    9. Pop a few bottles or water or Gatorade in your fridge, so they're nice and cold when you get home.

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    You're gonna be parched and you're gonna want a cool drink β€” fact.

    10. As soon as you wake up, get up and shower β€” or at the very least, wash your face.

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    OK so, it's hangover day and we need a game plan! The first thing you need to do is get the hell out of bed. (But don't worry, you'll be back there soon.) Go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, wash your face, and forgive yourself for maybe not doing these things the night before. Even if you were diligent enough to clean yourself up before bed, chances are you'll be due for a freshen up.

    11. Then change into a fresh pair of pajamas and crawl back into bed.

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    Whether you fell asleep in last night's clothes or in your pajamas, you've gotta change. I can't explain why, but changing into fresh PJs is magic. And you know what β€” even if you don't get dressed all day, it doesn't matter, because you've already into changed into a very activity-appropriate outfit. Again, this is all part of making a point to intentionally partake in your own hangover day.

    Now, grab that water, those leftovers, and your laptop, and enjoy your perfectly planned hangover day!

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