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25 Things That Everyone Who Grew Up In Country NSW Can Relate To

Chinese food, dirt roads, and mainies ftw.

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2. You're literally so done with jokes about the name of the place you grew up.

@rclosey / Via Instagram: @rclosey

"Yeah it's Hay, like hay."

"No, not everything in Orange is orange."

"I have no idea why it's Wagga Wagga, not just Wagga."


6. Some of your best teenage memories are from your town's local show.

@rod_lampard / Via Instagram: @rod_lampard

Especially when your parents decided you were old enough to go on a Friday or Saturday night with your friends.


10. You're so used to water restrictions, you can hardly believe it when you see someone in the city wasting water.

@visityoung_nsw / Via Instagram: @visityoung_nsw

"Why the hell is that idiot washing their car on the road? In the middle of the day? And what do you mean you leave the water on while you brush your teeth? WATER IS OUR MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE, AUNTY MERYL."

12. When any kind of attraction came to your hometown - or one within an hour's drive - it was the biggest deal ever.

Facebook: crustydemons

"Holy shit. Crusty Demons are coming back! I'm going to go for my birthday. I wonder if I could get one of them to sign my phone case."


14. The ultimate success was getting in that "shotty not" before your parents asked whether you or your sibling was going to get out and open the gate.

15. You know it's always going to take at least three times longer to get into town if there are cyclists on the road.

18. You know the best family barbecues are the one with a spit going.

@themakersshed / Via Instagram: @themakersshed

And know that anyone involved in the cooking never stepped more than a few metres away from the thing.


19. You have a true appreciation for the patience that goes in to yabbying.

@thinktankone / Via Instagram: @thinktankone

"Mum, do you have any spare string? Or any leftover meat? We're going to go down to the dam this arvo."

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