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21 Beauty Tricks You Should Definitely Know By Now

If you're not all over these yet, it's time to seriously up your hair and make-up game.

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1. For the most kissable lips in the history of Planet Earth, apply a thick layer of lip balm before bed.

The whole being asleep thing seems to lower the amount of product you accidentally lick off your lips.

2. Want to wear pink this Wednesday? Or any other day? Always choose a shade at least two shades darker than your natural lip colour.

Lighter shades will make your lips look thinner than they actually are, if not completely invisible from far away.

3. Woken up with puffy eyes? Put two spoons in the freezer while you make yourself a coffee, then proceed to press the cool metal over your eye bags.

5. When making your eyeliner work to make your eyes look bigger, skip the white liner and instead opt for nude pencil along your waterline.

This looks way more natural than the snow shade, while still creating the illusion of wider, more open eyeballs.

6. If you’re scared of the disaster that can be red lipstick, keep your colour matte by tapping it on with your middle finger, rather than straight from the tube.

Creating a stain, rather than a solid swipe will make the colour less transferable onto glasses, shirts, pets etc.

7. Skin looking dull after a big night? Cleanse with cool water, rather than warm. This temperature will stimulate blood flow and brighten that complexion right up, quick smart.

8. Still looking tired? Apply a light shimmery eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes.

Sparkle, sparkle. These highlights make your eyes appear wider and way more Bambi-esque.

9. When concealing a pimple, choose a concealer that’s the exact same shade as your foundation or skin tone.

11. Work your bronzer in a figure of 3 along the side of your face, sweeping along the hairline, down under the cheekbone and back along the jawline.

Perfect contours, coming right up - just make sure those stripes are blended better than you've ever blended anything before.

13. When applying mascara, don’t forget to swipe the tops of your lashes as well as the bottom.

If you skip this step – especially if you’re a fair skinned human – your blonde lashes will be visible to anyone taller than you.

14. Never, ever, no matter what - pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube.

All this does is push excess air into the tube, drying out the black goodness. Instead, press your wand against the edges of the tube, after running the tightly-closed mascara under warm water for 30 seconds.

16. Before you put down that highlighter, tap a small amount of product along your cheekbones and down the ridge of your nose, for a finishing touch.

18. Oily skin? You probably notice you get bonus shine around the afternoon. Instead of applying another layer of powder, fold a tissue into quarters and blot your t-zone, removing excess oil.

20. Always cleanse your face twice. The first wash removes pollution and dirt from the skin, while the second really cleans out those pores.

Remember, feeling "squeaky clean" can be a sign that the product you're using it too harsh for your skin type.

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