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12 Things That Make The Australian Blue Mountains Completely Unforgettable

You think you've seen blue? You think you've seen mountains? Think again, my friend.

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1. The Three Sisters

According to Aboriginal dream-time legend, the three sisters, which now make this rock formation, were turned to stone by an elder during a battle, to protect them from three brothers from another tribe, who wanted to capture and marry them. The elder had intended on returning the sister back to their human form, but was killed in the battle.

The three formations overlook the Jamison Valley and are literally unlike anything else in the world.

2. Jenolan Caves

Around 340 million years old, these limestone caves are pretty bloody special. The network, made up of 10 very different cave systems were first discovered around 9000 years ago, and then again in 1838. Tours through the caves run daily. Prepare to be seriously wow-ed.

9. Waradah Aboriginal Centre

Home of some of Australia's richest Aboriginal history, if you make it to the mountains, you've got to immerse yourself in the culture. With dance and didgeridoo performances and art exhibitions, this is one unique experience you won't ever be able to replicate.

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