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12 Signs You Grew Up In Bathurst

Because 2795 represent. I guess.

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The new shopping centre (THE ONE WITH THE SECOND WOOLIES?!) will always be “new”, no matter how many years it stays in existence.

SAEED KHAN / AFP / Getty Images

And yes, you are still trying to comprehend the fact that someone out there in the world decided it was necessary to build a Woolworths opposite another Woolworths IN BATHURST.

Forget Messina. You're all about Annie's Sofala Gold.

Bonus dessert points for scoops with extra "gold."

You weren’t thrown by the new Sydney lock out laws at all, because you’re familiar with the panic of not getting to The Ox before 1.30am.


No beach for hours? No worries! Let’s just go “into town” after school. First stop, Banjo's for chips and gravy, of course.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Someone has their P's now? Even better. Cue: William Street mainies.

Sushi was a completely foreign concept to you, until you moved.


Now, you spend the entire meal wondering how exactly they got all this fish to Bathurst – and how long it’s been sitting in that centre court window.


The most common response when telling someone you’re from Bathurst? “Oh yeah, I went gold panning there in primary school.”

Flickr: thedepartment / Via Creative Commons

You've never been gold panning, but are weirdly proud of the gold panner.

The second most common response? “I had a mate that went to uni there...”

HBO / Via

That particular mate is STILL studying at CSU. No matter what year they enrolled. Either that or they're still trying to rid themselves of that hangover.

People will generally assume you love V8s or the Bathurst 1000 or just, you know, cars.


You make the mistake of explaining the “one case, per person, per day” uproar and they assume you’re a rev head even more. IRL, you annually fled the town, along with everyone you knew.

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