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    11 Beauty Hacks To Make Your Smokey Eye Better Than Ever

    Because there's a fine line between smouldering and just plain smudged.

    1. Always apply eye primer to your lid before any shadow, to keep everything in place.

    If you don't have an eye primer, extend the application of your foundation over your eyelids. Don't forget, we're talking about the oiliest area of your face here, so it's important to create a good base for your powder to stick to.

    2. Apply mascara before you apply any eyeshadow.

    If you go with the shadow first, you'll end up wiping away half your masterpiece when trying to neaten up any mascara mess.

    3. If you're scared of eyeshadow, create a subtle smokey effect using eyeliner.

    Apply along your upper lash line, then smudge outwards and into the crease of your eye using a small brush. Look for liners like this that come with a bonus smudging tip.

    4. If you're more of a shadow fan, choose a palette with at least two shades of the same colour.

    Like this one, you can buy here.

    5. Always start by applying the lighter shade to your entire eyelid, blending the colour down along the outer edge of your lower lash line.

    By extending this light shade under your eye, you create an even and balanced look.

    6. Next, apply the darker colour to the outer edges of your eyelid, blending into the crease of your eye socket.

    S.SEVILLA 2010

    This shading mimics the natural definition of your eye and therefore won't leave you looking panda-esque.

    7. Finish your shadow work with a small sweep of highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes.

    This flick of light adds a professional touch that turns your black eyes from could-be-goth to pretty-damn-sexy.

    8. Use a cotton tip dipped in make-up remover to neaten up any crazy smudges or wonky lines.

    Or, for ultimate nifty-points, invest in some of these cotton tips, which come fully loaded with remover.

    9. Always apply your concealer AFTER your eyeshadow.

    It's best to do things this way, thanks to the mess eyeshadow fallout can make.

    10. If you're fair - or just love some yourself some glitz - try a metallic smokey eye.

    This look is also great if you're a little prone to mistakes.

    11. If you're keen to try a coloured smokey look, take your eye colour into consideration.

    For green and hazel eyes, choose purples and plums.

    For blue eyes, metallics were made for you.

    For brown eyes, try a shade of navy.

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