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This Instagram Is Reviewing Every Bacon And Egg Roll In Sydney

Because if you're gonna do it, you've got to do it right.

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The group behind Flavour Quest have one mission. That mission is to find the best damn bacon and egg roll in Sydney.

"I guess you could say it's a community flavour service," Flavour Quest founder Niall Roeder tells BuzzFeed Life. "We live for bacon and egg rolls because they truly are the people's breakfast."

Over Instagram and Facebook, the group behind Flavour Quest review local rolls, giving each a rating out of ten.

Points are awarded for runny eggs, crispy bacon, golden buns, quality of condiments and another component, which Niall refers to as "the x-factor".

Though the group is currently made up of three main reviewers, anyone is welcome to submit a review, if they've found a roll worth raving about.

"Anyone can submit, but we always advise punters not to be throwing nines around willy nilly," says Niall. "Tough love keeps the swine merchants honest."

Sounds fair.

As for the best roll they've come across so far? Niall's vote goes to the bacon and egg sandwich at John Montagu in Woolloomooloo.

He also notes that some of the best bacon and eggs he's had the pleasure of eating have come from his local footy park. Tasty!

Keep up the good work, you guys! And keep those reviews coming.

You've got a whole city depending on you.