27 Signs You’re A Gwynedd Girl

Quite the high school experience.

1. 1. The most serious security altercation occurred when someone stole a muffin from the cafeteria, and the school went on lock down.

Still tryin’ to catch dat muffin bandit…

2. 2. Wednesdays will always be first and foremost, pasta day.

Pair it with some fries… love dem carbs.

3. 3. You got out of class to go to an assembly, which really meant a party in the auditorium with the Phillie Phanatic


4. 4. There was a fire and instead of being evacuated, the entire student body was herded into the auditorium.

Yes, let’s stay in the burning building.

5. 5. Joseph, the shepherds, and the three wisemen in the Christmas pageant were all girls.

Why does Joseph have a pony tail?

6. 6. You had a class that taught that infatuation DOES NOT EQUAL true love.

*Insert dramatic hand gestures here.

7. 7. Everyone in school has at some point imitated the music teacher.

Lovingly, of course. Oh, OH, OHHHH.

8. 8. Senior year science was basically the art of coloring.

Or I mean you could take AP Bio… have fun with that.

9. 9. You had the locker number 69 and didn’t understand why it was funny.

So sheltered.

10. 10. The promise of food was really the only reason to join clubs.

Extra points if you promise a boy.

11. 11. The colors purple and yellow make you want to vom.

But actually, ew.

12. 12. Mercy Day was the most fun day of the year.

My girl Catherine McAuley would love Unique Entertainment. Fo sho.

13. 13. Your 4 year old perfectly broken in penny loafers are still the most comfortable shoes you own.

Supple. Leather.

14. 14. The word bromance will always make you think of two certain teachers who always matched.

Pink polo and khakis tomorrow, man?
Yea, totally dude.

15. 15. Christmas door decorating contests were no joking matter.

Bribing the judges is probably fine.

16. 16. The day of the Royal Wedding was the second most exciting day of the year, second only to Mercy Day.


17. 17. You are strangely fond of your uniform, which got messier the older you got.

Silly freshmen, you actually wear the right socks and you don’t leave your loafers in your locker… so much to learn.

18. 18. You quickly learned the positives of boxy, unflattering, navy blue blazers.

Uhh they’re cozy… roll up the sleeves and look positively chic.


Sorry French peeps. Spanish is where it’s at.

20. 20. As a freshman you were nervous about getting lost on the way to class.

Two whole hallways… where’s my map??

21. 21. This is not what you think of when you hear “Big Red.”


22. 22. You spent hours practicing a synchronized curtsy for graduation which you had to do in a wedding dress.

Is her dress winter white?? Rebel.

23. 23. Your teachers hugged you and got uncomfortably close to your date in the receiving line at prom to make sure you hadn’t been drinking.

Things were made even more awkward by the fact that you most likely didn’t know your date.

24. 24. You actually had two Chemistry teachers. A husband and wife who referred to equation shortcuts as “the quick and dirty” way.

So did they both get paid?? One of the great unanswerable questions of life.

25. 25. When one of your favorite people at school also happened to be the person who glared at you more than anyone…ever.


26. 26. This is one of your favorite places in the world.

LT4 <3

27. 27. This crazy place is your second home.

Because let’s be honest, it was a pretty awesome 4 years.

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