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    • GWumphf

      The critical government problem not being addressed today is incentives. Bureaucrats are punished for solving problems and being efficient – they lose budget and therefore power and stature. They are rewarded for loyalty to superiors, growing the bureaucracy and centralizing power-and the State is always and everywhere all about power. Every page, every sentence, every word of legislation and regulation is fertilizer that enables bureaucrats to grow the bureaucracy and the power of the state. The multi-thousand page unread legislation promoted by this administration massively feeds and enables all of this.  Secret courts, IRS attacks on conservatives and conservative donors, DoJ attacks on the press and failure to investigate obvious cases of voter fraud, EPA and OSHA attacks on conservative donors, NSA and FBI surveillance of everybody, USPS surveillance of all mail, IRS and Consumer Protection capture and surveillance of all credit and debit card transactions, Obamacare acquisition of all medical records, Democratic party demands for an end to fraud preventing voter identification laws, the ongoing militarization of police forces, etc. etc. etc. are all aimed at amassing power and attacking and suppressing all opposition.  To assume these actions are unconnected, uncoordinated and undirected is lunacy. By far the greatest danger and damage is in the aggregate. Clearly America is certainly no longer the “sweet land of liberty”.

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