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    Relatable Things For Anyone Who Secretly Still Likes Taylor Swift

    We know Kim had the video, but we also know all the words to "You Belong With Me"...

    When the radio plays Taylor Swift despite the drama

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    We all know there's nothing better than jamming out to "Fearless" on a long drive

    When people ask your opinion on the feud

    Play Buzz / Via

    Ummm, plead the fifth?

    When you have to censor who you listen to Taylor with

    Squad Bracelets / Via

    Kimye or Hiddleswift, can't we all agree Speak Now was lit?

    When you find a fellow Taylor Swift fan

    Tumblr / Via

    It's good to know you're not alone

    When someone asks you to pick the next song

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    When someone keeps bashing on Taylor

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    We're only human; everyone has been a problematic fave at one point

    When you're home alone and you get all the lyrics right on 1989

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    It's just too bad that no one can experience your skillz

    When, despite themselves, everyone sings along to "You Belong with Me"

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    It is the anthem of a generation

    And, finally, when you avoid Twitter at all costs

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