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UPDATE: Hipsters Are Snorting Chocolate Now

Anybody wanna get chocolate wasted?

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There is a recent trend however, originating from Germany where club-goers can select raw cacao powder as their 'party drug' of choice.


It has been served to consumers in the form of pills, powder and as a beverage to consumers predominantly at events such as Lucid, which is a monthly music festival held in Berlin.

So you can literally get high on chocolate.


Most of us may know that cacao contains endorphins and triggers dopamine, which fuels the body's pleasure/reward system and reacts to the brain's receptors the same way other opioid-related drugs do, adding on to their addictive quality while also increasing your sense of euphoria. Its high amounts of magnesium would then relax your muscles, all within a time span of around 15 minutes.

But seriously though, people are SNORTING chocolate powder.


The activity became popular after Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone received press coverage for his redesigned Chocolate Shooter, a $50 device that allows you to directly inhale various cocoa-herb mixes straight up your nose.

It's even FDA ignored.


Because cacao is classified as a food before anything else, there is no current restriction on the powder OZY calls "more potent than you ever imagined".

This new, healthier, and completely legal alternative isn't that mainstream in the U.S. as of yet, but it is already making the rounds through Europe. Only time will tell whether America will adopt this to become the latest meme, challenge, or hashtag of 2016.

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