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    Someone Redesigned The Power Rangers Morphsuits And They're Utter Perfection

    Mexican Illustrator Carlos Dattoli shares his vision in the wake of Entertainment Weekly's latest look for Lionsgate's upcoming Power Rangers movie.

    As a lot of us will know, Lionsgate Entertainment is set to release a live action film in the coming year.

    And thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we've been able to take a first look at the cast all together back in March.

    We've even gotten a glimpse at Elizabeth Banks as a reenvisioned Rita Repulsa.

    Quite recently however, EW showed us the suits our beloved characters will be rocking throughout the movie.

    This took concept artist Carlos Dattoli to create his own version of the colored crusaders. AND BOY DO THEY LOOK GOOD

    Let's admire them from a closer look shall we?

    *Bonus: He also made the White Ranger.

    One critic's review (who wished to remain unknown) was rather prosperous.

    Thank you Carlos for such amazing art pieces!

    UPDATE: HE DID IT AGAIN. As if the suits weren't enough, Carlos gave us the Megazord to match. Here it is in all its modernized, Dattoli-touched glory.

    Thank you again for sharing your talent Carlos!