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Behold The Man Behind The "Real Life Disney" Portraits

Turns out Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen is just as gorgeous as his world-famous designs.

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If you're a human with eyes then there is a chance you might have noticed these drawings trending around the Internet lately.

*still swooning*

*still swooning*

And if you looked up Jirka's previous work, then you probably know of their female counterparts.

So much intense beauty here you can't even.

So much intense beauty here you can't even.

So if you're one of the +66k people who like his official page on Facebook then you know he gave us access to visit his Instagram account.

Facebook: JirkaVinse

And what we discovered there was pure bliss.


It's too late now, you're already enticed.


*tryna see the haters*

*don't see any*

LOOK at that.

Chant with me: Uuunngh!

He's also stylish AF.

Shut up. This works and you know it.

Jirka is so photogenic it hurts.

Bluest eyes in the whole game.

He's incredibly creative.


Summer looks SO GOOD on him.

Winter does too, TBH.

That SMILE though.

Let's establish that glasses can literally improve cuteness, yeah?

Jirka's very proud of his work, and enjoys getting recognized for it from pretty much everywhere.

"Throwback to earlier today 📺 #live on #CNNenEspanol #crazytimes #muyloco"

Currently based in Melbourne, Australia. He's quite happy with his new home.

See him with a real kangaroo, if you're feeling unimpressed.

So what's next for the handsome Jirka?

Most likely updating his "Real Life Disney" gallery with new characters, which you can keep up with at, and then of course continue to post flawless pics for us.

Thank you for sharing your talent Jirka, and thank you for sharing you! 💗

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