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    25 Times "Power Rangers" Was Way, Way Too Real

    Bring on the feels!

    The great empire that is Power Rangers is fast-approaching a whopping 30 years of age, and since Netflix had so graciously given us over a quarter century's worth of childhood back, I've made it my mission to watch EVERY single episode, and re-experience it all from a new adult(ish) perspective. Bring on the feels!

    Disclosure: Unfortunately, time was NOT my friend and during this extensive endeavor and I fell short after digging deep into only fourteen eras of the iconic series before Netflix removed all but the latest two.

    Now Let's Get Morphin!

    Warning, decades-old spoilers ahead!

    1. When Tomberly gave you major relationship goals

    2. When you had to get used to the new team

    six power rangers hold up fists
    three kids in the opening credits of MMPR

    3. When Zordon almost died in the MMPR movie

    a bald creature man is laying among crystals almost dying

    4. When Kimberly broke our hearts in Season 3

    two girls hold hands and look into their eyes

    *Bonus: Remember when Kimbery broke up with Tommy, THROUGH A MOTHEREFFING WRITTEN LETTER?

    5. When childhood dreams came true in The Turbo movie

    6. When the Psycho Rangers actually gave you life

    five power rangers

    7. When Zordon was destroyed in In Space

    a floating head in a large vile of liquid

    8. When The Magna Defender storyline turned DEEP

    9. When Kendrix dies

    a young girl with bangs and glasses

    10. The complete MINDFUCK that was The Lost Galaxy Finale

    five power rangers look up at the ceiling

    11. The roller coasters that were the final Lightspeed Rescue episodes

    five power rangers hold up their fists

    12. The Jen, Alex, and Wes Love triangle that was all too familiar

    a hand holds a polariod of a man kissing a woman's cheek

    13. When this team up was so good, it needed a two-parter

    a group of power rangers in a line

    14. When HISTORY happened in Wild Force

    a group of power rangers, all the same color
    20 squares of different power rangers

    15. When you realized these guys were the best part of their season

    five villains with their hands on their hips
    power rangers? nobody told me there would be power rangers! -lothor

    16. When THE MAN blessed our screens with his presence

    *Bonus: Then he became the Dino Thunder Black Ranger and made all the fanboys squeal.

    17. When the nostalgia was too strong

    a man and three power rangers in a line looking to the side
    a picture of six power rangers

    18. The final arc of the Dino Thunder season

    a photo of three men in the woods

    19. The outstanding writing and Easter eggs S.P.D. brought to the table

    two hands hold a picture frame with a photo of a dad and son
    five power rangers

    *Bonus: Remember also when we finally got a FEMALE RED RANGER?

    20. When you believed in MAGIC.

    five people wear capes in front of a rock formation wall

    Going Forward: Given that my overall knowledge of eras 15 through 28 are incomplete (even with searching for available streams on the web), opinions for the following seasons may be controversial as a result. I humbly invite anyone to share their knowledge in the comments! Thank you!

    21. When the yeti from Operation Overdrive was its saving grace

    a yeti

    22. When Seasons 16 and 17 didn't even merit mention

    23. When Super Megaforce gave us something SPECIAL

    a crowd of power rangers

    24. When the Lionsgate adaptation happened

    a poster with five power rangers
    an empty desk.

    25. Finally, when things got a little predictable

    six different title cards for power rangers shows

    THE END.

    So regardless of what lies ahead for the future of Power Rangers, I'm super thankful for the joy they gave and will continue to give me and all the kiddos of every generation!

    Thanks for reading! What were some of your realest moments, did I miss any good ones? Thoughts on the newer seasons? Sound off below!