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    • gwenny

      Stuff like this annoys me. Most women who are violated are violated by men they know in “safe” places. I spent years as a CHILD being raped by my father in my own home. The last time I was raped, in the 1980s, it was by a man I sort of knew who broke into my house at night and raped me in my bed. I was wearing a full length flannel nightgown with long sleeves and was ASLEEP when he broke in. I wasn’t running around the wrong part of town in revealing clothing. I was in a nightgown ASLEEP. And that is how it’s been throughout history. In the old days one group of men would raid another town and all the women would be raped. Not because of what they did or how they dressed, but because they were wives and daughters of the men who were being raided.  Stop blaming women for the actions of men!

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