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    10 Things That Are Waaaaaaaay Too Real If You're Dating A Teacher

    Beware of the "teacher voice" whenever you do something wrong.

    1. They disappear after 8:30 p.m.

    2. There will be laminate everywhere. Constantly.

    3. So much crying.

    4. You’ll both be sick every two weeks.

    5. You get to help them grade the kids' homework.

    6. Endless “you won’t believe what [insert student's name] said today” stories.

    7. You’ll become well-versed in giving pep talks.

    8. Getting talked to in the “teacher voice” whenever you make bad choices.

    9. Trying to choose a name for your own child will be impossible.

    10. Their entire lifestyle will change drastically as soon as June comes around.

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