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    10 Things That Are Waaaaaaaay Too Real If You're Dating A Teacher

    Beware of the "teacher voice" whenever you do something wrong.

    1. They disappear after 8:30 p.m.

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    Having to be up at 5 a.m. means they’ll have a very different sleep schedule than you.

    2. There will be laminate everywhere. Constantly.

    NBC / Via

    And you’ll also have the added perk of helping cut out laminated posters, name tags, flyers, letters, and so much more!

    3. So much crying.

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    When they come home after having their classroom destroyed by a 7-year-old yet again, be prepared with some mac 'n' cheese.

    4. You’ll both be sick every two weeks.

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    All it takes is for one mom to send their kid to school with pink eye, and your teacher will be faced with the fifth epidemic of the quarter.

    5. You get to help them grade the kids' homework.

    Rede Globo / Via

    On the plus side, your single-digit addition and subtraction skills will be resume-worthy.

    6. Endless “you won’t believe what [insert student's name] said today” stories.

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    Kids will never fail to surprise, amaze, and mostly confuse you with the things they say and do.

    7. You’ll become well-versed in giving pep talks.

    Universal Pictures

    Get used to always trying to motivate your teacher. Not only do they need and deserve constant support for what they do, they’ll also appreciate you being there for them.

    8. Getting talked to in the “teacher voice” whenever you make bad choices.


    “Do you think that was a good decision?” “If you can’t be quiet during my show, you’ll have to practice being quiet during YOUR free time later.”

    9. Trying to choose a name for your own child will be impossible.


    No matter what name you suggest, you’ll be met with the classic “ohhhh I had a kid in my class named Timmy once” followed by an empty stare into the distance.

    10. Their entire lifestyle will change drastically as soon as June comes around.

    Def Jam Recordings / Via

    Suddenly the laminate will be gone, the house will be cleaned, and they can be found relaxing by the pool from sunup to sundown.

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