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This Dog Standing For The First Time In Two Years Will Leave You Speechless

A few of our lucky, furry friends have been experiencing the miracle that is stem cell therapy.

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Cara Erwin-Oliver, Holly Samko, and Alfredo Valentin, veterinarians based out of Ocala, Florida have been giving dogs and their owners a second chance at a fulfilling life.

In recent years regenerative medicine has made the headlines, but never in regards to some of our most beloved family members; our pets. The process comes from OnCyte, a division of InGeneron, a company based out of Houston, Texas to provide better, long lasting, painless lives for dogs, cats, and horses.

This is Harley. Harley is an 8 year old Dachshund that has been a paraplegic for 2 years, using a cart, much like a wheelchair, to get around. This caused him to lose all muscle tone and density.

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Courtesy of Dr. Alfredo Valentin

Harley's owners travelled from Tallahassee, FL to Belleview Veterinary Hospital in Belleview, FL where Dr. Erwin-Oliver and Dr. Samko along with help from Dr. Alfredo Valentin, performed stem cell therapy. Harley has had two previous back surgeries to correct the disc lesions that caused the deterioration of his ability to walk, both of which were unsuccessful.

Approximately 3 months after the procedure, Harley stood and took his first steps in over two years.

Courtesy of Dr. Alfredo Valentin

When asked about the procedure, Dr. Valentin said, "Using InGeneron's ARC™ tissue processing system, fat tissue is obtained by Dr. Erwin-Oliver or Dr. Samko from the pet in an in-clinic procedure, I then process the fat tissue to retrieve the stem cells. All regenerative cells, including stem cells, are prepared for re-injection in about 90 minutes. Initial results may be evident as early as the 1st week, but in more severe cases, like Harley's, it may take multiple months"

Harley is currently going through physical therapy to regain muscle tone but is expected to have a full recovery and be able to walk/run like every other young, healthy pet.

A similar case was seen with Paris, a 6 year old Yorkie with a neck injury causing her to be unable to stand or walk.

Courtesy of Dr. Alfredo Valentin

However, Paris was paralyzed on her front legs as well as her back legs. She hadn't walked in over a year. Her owners had to do everything for her as she was not able to go outside, the only thing she could do was eat and slightly lift her head.

In just 4 months, Paris was walking and running as if she never had a problem to begin with.

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Courtesy of Dr. Alfredo Valentin

The doctors were a bit hesitant to go through with the procedure because the outcome was not 100% certain. They recommended a referral to the neurologist but the parents were insistent. The stem cell therapy was performed and they gained the results they wanted and so much more.

I just feel the results are amazing. I am so happy to have ability to give a quality life to so many treasured family members. There are so many things regenerative medicine can treat... osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries, bone injuries, liver disease, kidney disease and so many more. The possibilities are endless. It is extremely rewarding to see the results.

Let's keep our furry friends happy and playful.

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