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104 Thoughts I Had During Part 1 Of The Season Premier Of The Bachelorette

Honeys.... I'm home!

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1. Omg omg omg. #ready #teambritt

2. Wow how the hell is this gonna work

3. Ooooo that guy is hot



6. Chris is still beautiful

7. I hope he’s happy with Whitney……oh lol jk they already broke up


8. Hm I should steal that walrus joke

9. Why did they need separate limos???

10. My nerves are out of control too, Kait.

11. AW his son

12. Joe from KENNNNNtucky

13. Josh, my man!


15. Male stripper. Aight.

16. Nashville is pretty

17. All these guys are so philosophical….

18. Love love love

19. I'd kill for that welded rose

20. Love man needs to shave

21. Why are some of these guys so weird…

22. Yeah I'm looking at you Tony

23. You just kissed a plant.


25. Awwww mama's boy

26. Pecks giggle when boys run almost as much as boobs do..


28. They're soo pretty

29. I need to be that pretty

30. We’re all ready, Chris.

31. And Britt makes the move, goes in for the hug #killem

32. Mmm mmm mmm –Jonathan LOLLLL

33. Ladies

34. Why does she have to be a Disney Princess? Why doesn’t she have her own kingdom where shes queen??? Huh?? HUH??

35. L for love~~~~

36. Love man strikes again

37. Wow Britt really likes hugs

38. Anddddd 37 minutes into the season we’re already crying, cool.

39. Wheres the love for Kaitlyn??

40. Cory is dapper

41. Ouch baiiiii Kait

42. Kaitlyn really needed Ian’s confidence booster

43. Britt is jealous bc someone wants to puck Kaitlyn and not her hahahahah

44. Our stripper has arrived

45. Did he maybe go too fair for first meeting? Maybe?

46. We are all convinced that that moonshine was “great”

47. Polka dotted socks, okay lol

48. Group hug there we go equal love

49. Uhhh scratch that hahaha

50. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

51. He's here for Kaitlyn!!!!!!!!!!!!

52. I do not feel bad for Britt hahah

53. So ballsy Kait….

54. I think Im actually team Kaitlyn. Yep.

55. Kaitlyn’s laugh is a keeper

56. Why does Tony have a black eye?

57. Did he just say the same thing to both girls? Lol

58. Omg will ryan be our Ashley S. this season!?!?

59. I sure hope so

60. A sex coach is a real job??

61. Not cool Ryan. Not cool.

62. Just when you thought arrivals couldn’t beat the car pool….


63. Im gonna get cavities just so I can meet this hot dentist

64. Britt is being a little too judgy right now

65. Ian is so dedicated to Kaitlyn awwwwww

66. Okay c'mon Im sure you could’ve come up with a better joke than interrupting cow

67. Shawn is my favorite already <3 <3 <3

68. Tony…..

69. Wait the guy with the Chris portrait might take over the favorite position, sry Shawn

70. Oh no! time to vote

71. The voting room is a creepy shrine …

72. Im sure you want these guys to put a rose in your box huh Britt ;) ;) ;)

73. Im over these guys debating being “pro” or “con” on a person!!!

74. Might be teary eyed at the bird tattoo story… just maybe.

75. An hour and a half in and there’s already talk of being in love

76. …… you’ve known her for like an hour pls stop

77. Oh its going dowwwwwnnnn!

78. Phew. False alarm.

79. Because I definitely didnt want to see an all out dude fight…. Nope. Not me.

80. Excuse me did Ryan just call them hoes???

81. He also feels entitled to touch Kait’s ass???? Uhhh no.

82. Gtfo, Ryan.

83. He fell. But he didn’t spill his drink #priorities

84. Okay theres no way he’s that drunk right now

85. Rape is not a joke y’all.

86. No, you suck Ryan.


88. The dentist chose Kaitlyn!!!!!!!!!!

89. I really really want Kaitlyn to be the bachelorette…..

90. Still cant get over Kaitlyn's laugh

91. My heart is melting for Shawn….

92. Shawn is back at #1

93. Holy sh*t its about that time

94. Team Kaitlyn all the way

95. What if it’s a tie….

96. Its possible…..

97. Are they even telling us who is the bachelorette tonight???

98. Ughhh


100. Pls don’t cry Kait.

101. To be continued…..

102. Really? K.

103. ABC would do this to us. Those bastards.

104. Stick around for part two, kids.

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