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There’s A Man Riding A Giant Buffalo Wing On The Internet And All We Have To Say Is...WTF?!

We all want to know the story behind Guy On A Buffalo Wing, but all we have are more questions!

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve likely seen this lonely cowboy.

A man looking off into the distance

At first, you probably thought, Okay, this is just a regular cowboy doing regular cowboy things, until the guy pulls up on a…buffalo wing?!?!

If you reacted to this with a loud "WHAT IN THE WORLD??" well, same, because we’re just as flummoxed as you are. Especially since the video doesn’t explain who this guy is, what he’s doing riding a buffalo wing, and…just…WHY.

Man overcome with emotion

Here's what we do know: The mystery cowboy is referred to only as “Guy On A Buffalo Wing.” Aaand that’s it. That’s really all we know, folks.

Seriously, who is this guy? Is he a storm chaser tasting the air for a brewing hurricane? A mad scientist who cultured a new species of buffalo and chicken wing? Is he using a supersecret cowboy signal to summon his lasso-throwing buddies?

And why does he have suspicion in his eyes? Does danger lurk offscreen? And the background... Is that a...painting? Could he be a thespian performing onstage?

The man looking sideways with mischief in his eyes

We see our hero (?) looking at something he’s awfully thrilled to find. Of course, the video then cuts to black so we don't see his discovery. What could it be??

And just when we’re at the edge of our seats, the video cuts to this screen, which means more will be revealed in due time.

We still have so many questions about Guy On A Buffalo Wing, but from the looks of it, we won't get our answers until Jan. 10.

All images and GIFs via Guy On A Buffalo Wing.