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That Red Liquid In Your Steak Isn't Blood, But We're Going To Tell You What It Really Is

You've been lied to your whole life.

We recently found out that that white gunk on salmon isn't actually fat, but rather a soluble protein.

Obviously, it caused our brains to explode a little bit when we heard this.

But since we like you, valued reader, we're here to debunk another myth.

You know how when you buy meat you've seen that red liquid that generally comes with it, and you've obviously just assumed (and been told) it was blood?

Well, guess what? IT'S NOT BLOOD!


That red liquid is actually a protein called myoglobin. Its function is to store oxygen in muscle cells.

And it's this protein that "colors" the meat red and consequently also gives that same color to the liquid (which we mistake for blood).

When you cook meat, the myoglobin changes its color from red to brown, and that's how you know the meat is cooked.

So, now you know.


Go forth and live your lives, knowing that every time your delicious burger oozes juices, it's not blood. You're welcome.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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