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10 Stage Falls for Schadenfreude Friday!

Schadenfreude Fridays! Steven Tyler fell of the stage and broke his shoulder last week, but people have been falling off stage for years. It's a real danger for all types of folks not just rockstars who look like old ladies. Take pleasure in the misfortune of others.

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  • 1. Steve Tyler

  • 2. Presidential candidates fall off stage, too.

  • 3. Even totalitarians occasionally trip

  • 4. The stage is dangerous for normal folks too

  • 5. Dance competitions can be dangerous, too

  • 6. Sometimes even the entering a stage leads to disaster

  • 7. The youth of america is at risk

  • 8. But playing Helen Keller seems to ask for it

  • 9. Sometimes showing off for an audience of one can be dangerous too

  • 10. Or being a drunken loudmouth trying to get attention