• Rusty the Narcoleptic Daschund

    The Original Gangster of narcoleptic dogs. Good, clean, suddenly sleepy fun!

  • Skeeter the Narcoleptic Poodle

    Poor little guy. But we learn a lot about Narcolepsy. Basically: you get excited, then you fall asleep.

  • Timmy the Narcoleptic Bowler

    Timmy and his friends are good sports about the whole thing, and fun is had by all!

  • James the Narcoleptic Tree Cutter

    A cautionary tale about knowing ones limitations.

  • Narcoleptic Girl Pranked by Her Boyfriend

    A cautionary tale, about getting engaged to a douche-bag.

  • The Video Response to The Prank, 1 Year Later

    Another cautionary tale about continuing to be a douche-bag. (Does anyone else smell a marriage on the rocks).