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7 Star Trek Slash Videos

Kirk/Spock Fiction, a world in which the deep bond between James Kirk and Spok, goes deeper than friendship, way deeper.

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  • 1. Captain Kirk's Backrub

    The scene that sparked a genre.

  • 2. Spock Doesn't Know What Love Is? (Star Trek SLASH scene)

    A re-cut of a scene classic episode 'Requiem for Methuselah' slightly. See if you can spot the edit.

  • 3. Love Potion Spok

    Star Trek Cartoon, also Slashie

  • 4. Kirk/Spock Common People

    Slash video made from the the with Shatner singing Pulp's 'Common People'.

  • 5. Kirk/Spok The movie

    More Lulz here when OG Kirk and Spok watch the nu-trek film of themselves, mysteriously transmitted back in time to them.

  • 6. Brokeback Enterprise

    A Nu-trek trailer spoof, capitalizing on the the slashieness of it all.

  • 7. We Are One - Kirk/Spock

    A sincere, lovingly slashie vid made from the Nu-trek. This one goes out to Amanda.