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Men Tried Contouring And Realized How Much Freaking Work It Is

"It kinda looks like poop on a face. But I mean, if it makes me pretty..."

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We asked some guys who had never tried contouring before to get their faces did and the results were surprisingly perfect.

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Lili Kaytmaz, our fabulous makeup artist, explained, "Contouring is about lights and shadows. Where the sun would hit the most (high cheekbones, forehead), you're gonna make lighter, and under your cheekbones and chin you're gonna make darker."


Ryan was totally convinced by how much makeup can accentuate and change your face. "The only reason I DON'T do it every day is that it's not required by society."

"I have a lot more respect for people who contour and artists who do this for a living; I think it really makes a difference on people's faces."


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