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    • guse

      If the Tsarnaev family or Tamerlan’s alleged mentor were genuinely into 9/11 skepticism, they would, like the vast majority of us, endorse the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, David Ray Griffin, David Chandler, Graeme MacQueen, and other completely sober, level-headed individuals focusing primarily on the fact that the twin towers and WTC7 were demolished with explosives.  Alex Jones may give that subject minimal lip-service (he has to to maintain credibility among 9/11 skeptics) but his real agenda is to lump together all manner of issues that he treats in a slipshod manner to weave a tale of an elite plot to install a world government with a definitively right-wing slant. In fact, THE most respected 9/11 researcher, Prof. Griffin, is on record supporting world governance (as necessary for, among other things, protecting the environment.) For this the Alex Jonesheads have accused him of being a disinformation agent.  Jones is near the center of a particular clique of truth activists that follows his “fluoride in the water and gun grabbers” shtick. His proteges in the truth movement include Jason Bermas, Luke Rudkowski, and Mark Dice, among others. All of these individuals parrot his Illuminati/Freemason/New World Order/Skull n’ Bones/Marvin Bush blew up the towers nonsense. Real 9/11 skeptics, again, can be identified today by their almost singular focus on the forensics of the destruction of the WTC—not on clear attempts to link such skepticism with age-old canards that at best shed a tiny bit of light on the legitimate intrigues of the power elite.  Just watch, Jones will soon be joining Beck in accusing the Obama administration of covering up a Saudi connection to the Boston bombings, just like they have tried for years to convince real 9/11 skeptics that the truth is: The Saudis and Bush did it! Seems like this story is being spun to paint 9/11 skepticism with two (actually incompatible) brushes: Alex Jones-style paranoia and Jew-hatred. Sadly, the MSM and public will likely pounce on this apparent split between those who support Alex Jones (kooks, likely Jew-hating ones) and those who don’t (respectable citizens who don’t believe conspiracy theories) when there are clearly many alternative stances.

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