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    The 25 Stages Of Going To Clubs

    Hey, we've all been there. Here's what happens when you decide to out for a night on the town.

    1. It starts out as a "relaxing" night out with your friends.

    2. You think about it...and decide to rage.

    3. You get ready.

    4. You disagree with your girlfriends on what to wear.

    5. One girl tries to set the rules.

    6. Hop in the ride.

    7. You get in line and think...

    8. Walk in and fight off the creepers.

    9. Grab a drink. Or two.

    10. Hit the dance floor.

    11. Make it rain.

    12. You see your guy with another girl.

    13. You meet some new guys.

    14. You run to find your girls.

    15. Success. Dance party is back on.

    16. Someone crashes your table.

    17. You don't care because you found the pole.

    18. You dance some more.

    19. You drink some more.

    20. Someone in the group judges you.

    21. You randomly start smelling this in the air and leave.

    22. FOOOOOD!!!

    23. You rest your eyes.

    24. You wake up lost.

    25. But most importantly, you survived!