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A Mashup Of Cartoon Theme Songs That Only 80's Kids Will Appreciate

Children of the 80's, these are the songs of your people! Can you correctly identify all 18 themes? Also: cool facts about some of your favorite cartoons!

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Nostalgia alert!

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YouTube musician gunnarolla performs a mash-up of 18 theme songs from classic 80's cartoons. Can you identify them all? If you get stuck, check out the clues below!

#8: He's an Amazing Boy

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Fact: There are actually two versions of the English dub that aired in the 80's, one produced in the United States, and one produced in Canada (for exclusive broadcast in Canada). No word on whether or not the title character was re-named Astrou.

#14: Central Organization of Police Specialists

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Fact: The name of this series was eventually changed to "CyberCOPS" to avoid confusion with the reality series of the same name, on Fox (of course).

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