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A Musical Tribute To Canadian Food

From ketchup chips to poutine, Canadians have some pretty great food!

gunnarolla 4 years ago

A Mashup Of Cartoon Theme Songs That Only 80's Kids Will Appreciate

Children of the 80's, these are the songs of your people! Can you correctly identify all 18 themes? Also: cool facts about some of your favorite cartoons!

gunnarolla 4 years ago


An anthem dedicated to your mom's favorite place to sit in the summer.

gunnarolla 5 years ago

The Ballad Of Rob Ford

A musical tribute to Toronto's tormented mayor who may or may not have smoked crack in a "drunken stupor" (spoiler alert: he did).

gunnarolla 6 years ago

How To Be A Good Bad Dancer

Bad dancers: This is your new anthem. Relevant especially if you can't dance, but you still dance.

gunnarolla 6 years ago Remixes TV Themes, Remains Terrible

For whatever reason, has remixed the "Entertainment Tonight" theme song. And maybe some others?

gunnarolla 6 years ago

Is Canada's New $100 Bill Racist?

The Bank of Canada modified the artwork on its new $100 bill after focus groups raised concerns over Asians, science, and who best represents Canada.

gunnarolla 7 years ago

How To Write A Song That Makes No Sense

Could this be the future of songwriting? Let your fans write the lyrics - you'll end up singing about chickens, and poop.

Pina 7 years ago

81 Music Puns: Can You "Handel" It?

Music theory nerds and band geeks, rejoice! Tromboner. Fingering. Tutti. If you didn't laugh, then you totally earned that music degree.

gunnarolla 7 years ago

The Comic Sans Song

Oh hey, here's a music video dedicated to the best (or worst?) font in the world. Because sure, why not?

gunnarolla 7 years ago