GuillermoxF Aspiring professional in Student Affairs. Proud fraternity man.
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  • GuillermoxF’s Top Ten Tracks Of 2014

    Is it me or has everyone been posting how horrible 2014 was? Well, it was not much better when it came to music. I asked people for their favorite songs of the year and this year people drew blanks. It was “Mehh…” and some of the big songs of the year were released in 2013… #Timber. Well, here is hoping 2015 is a better year for you and for music.

  • Color Me Greek

    As an aspiring professional in the fraternity and sorority world, I have seen the image posted below all over social media. I was very excited when I saw the picture of three people who are white representing three of the nine chapters of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. But for some reason, there were people who had an issue with it…

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