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    15 Photos Of The Most Adorable "Ugly" Dogs

    These World's Ugliest Dog contestants stole our hearts.

    Last weekend, the World's Ugliest Dog Contest was held in California, and the winner was a slobbery sweetheart English bulldog named Zsa Zsa:

    ICYMI or, in case you can't get enough of these lovable pups and their ~inner beauty~, here's a roundup of our favorite contestants — past and present — from the contest:

    1. Elwood, the winner of the 2007 competition:

    2. Rascal, who competed in 2015:

    3. Chase, who placed third last year:

    4. Josie, who came in third this year:

    5. Martha, the 2017 champ, and a fellow competitor, Precious:

    6. Daisy, from the 2012 competition:

    7. Josie, also from 2012:

    8. Mouse, also from 2012:

    9. Handsome Hector, from 2012:

    10. Himisaboo, from this year's competition:

    11. Tee Tee, also from this year:

    12. Mrs. Kravitz, from this year:

    13. Mandarina, from this year:

    14. Wild Thang, from this year:

    15. And finally, Rascal Deux, from 2017:

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    This post was translated from Spanish.