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15 People Who Totally Fucking Ruined Tapas

Take it from a Spanish person. You're doing it wrong, people.

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But the problem is, a lot of people around the world appear to have no clue what tapas actually are.

Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

1. Whoever assembled this monstrosity.

Twitter: Roj78/status / Via Twitter: @Roj78

Why have you put a sandwich in a cup? Why is there a hard-boiled egg inside that meatball? And why is this plate scattered with oregano?

4. When someone thought this was an acceptable way to pair tapas with booze.

Instagram: @asjwhincup

Ah yes, a bottle of ale, so authentic. And a straw to drink the fizz, to make it "classy".

6. Whichever establishment thought this was a good idea.

An interesting idea. Our Tapas arrived on a washing line.

A little part of me died looking at this picture.

7. When the saddest tapa in history was accompanied by crackers on a paper plate.

Instagram: @torreytoo

8. "Give me a tapa made with mayonnaise salad and Jenga blocks".

Instagram: @thesolarian_

9. That's not a tapa, that's just a bowl of floppy chips with two sauces.

Love @WSanFrancisco but this is a sign your bar menu sucks. #shittytapas

I will take the olives.

10. Whatever the hell this is.

All of the holiday feels and delicious eats at #ExcuseMyFrench tapas bar in the Lower East Side🇫🇷🎄… https://t.co/k35uMvkZPW


Instagram: @carinahedberg92


Instagram: @mizz_bond





14. Go to hell.

15. I don't even wanna know what's going on here.

I very much regretted each of these Icelandic tapas for different reasons

Please, people of the world - if you are going to talk shit about tapas, maybe ask yourself if the problem is tapas itself, or the rather the crappy ~approximation~ of tapas that gets served up in your country.

And if you can't find good tapas in your country, hey, come to Spain and eat it here. You might just change your mind.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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