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    These Are The 16 Most Inconsiderate Kinds Of People Out There, Hands Down

    Two words: slow. walkers.

    16. People who talk to you when you're literally unable to respond.

    15. People who leave crap in the shopping carts.

    14. People on public transportation who are being loud on their phones.

    13. People in the elevator who won't move when you're trying to get on/out.

    12. Slow. Ass. Walkers.

    11. People who eat full meals on public transportation.

    10. People who destroy public restrooms.

    9. People who don't respond when you tell them good morning.

    8. People who don't pick up their dog's poo.

    7. Not to be confused with people who pick up their dog poo and put it in a bag — but then leave it on the ground.

    6. People who abuse their car horn privileges.

    5. People who don't hold the door for you.

    4. People who don't respect the rules of parking.

    3. People who cancel plans on you by saying, "Ok don't hate me..."

    2. People who squeeze themselves onto a packed elevator, even when there's clearly no room.

    1. But, above all, people who lean up on the ENTIRE. SUBWAY. POLE.

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    This post was translated from Spanish.