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    14 Things You Didn't Even Know You Were Doing Wrong All Your Life

    Apparently, there's an optimal way you should be holding your burger.

    1. Feeding ducks:

    2. Tying your shoelaces, part I:

    3. Tying your shoelaces, part II:

    4. Peeling bananas:

    5. Making toast:

    6. Pouring a beer:

    It's #DrinkBeerDay! Do YOU know how to properly pour a beer?

    Pouring a beer too slowly ends up trapping more gas in the liquid, which will make you feel bloated later.

    7. Opening cans:

    8. Peeling a pomegranate:

    9. Folding shirts:

    10. Playing Monopoly:

    11. Heating up pizza:

    12. Pouring milk (or anything else that comes out of a carton with a cap):

    13. Using Post-its:

    14. And finally, eating burgers:

    This post was translated from Spanish.