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    14 Things You Didn't Even Know You Were Doing Wrong All Your Life

    Apparently, there's an optimal way you should be holding your burger.

    1. Feeding ducks:

    Theo Heimann / AFP / Getty Images

    As National Geographic explains, bread is basically junk food for ducks: it fills them up without providing the nutrients they need. What's more, a diet rich in calories and carbohydrates with limited nutrients can cause an illness known as "angel wing" that deforms their wings and causes them to be unable to fly.

    2. Tying your shoelaces, part I:

    As explained in this TED talk, most of us tie that final knot in the wrong direction, which makes the knot weaker (and appear less attractive!).

    3. Tying your shoelaces, part II:

    Twitter: @CombatCavScout

    This really applies more to sneakers, but if, before tying the knot, you pass the laces though a self-made loop at the top (like in this pic), your sneakers will be much more securely tied.

    4. Peeling bananas:

    Do it the way that monkeys do: Just squeeze the bottom part and separate the peel from the non-stem end!

    5. Making toast:

    Twitter: @gemma_lubbock

    If your toaster is wider than it is tall, and your slice of bread is taller than it is wide, put the bread in on its side.

    6. Pouring a beer:

    It's #DrinkBeerDay! Do YOU know how to properly pour a beer?

    Pouring a beer too slowly ends up trapping more gas in the liquid, which will make you feel bloated later.

    7. Opening cans:

    Facebook: lauren.moderow

    Like this GIF shows: You should be holding your can opener against the top of the can, not perpendicular to its edge.

    8. Peeling a pomegranate:

    Don't cut it in half! It's much easier to eat if you cut the top off first and the make several vertical cuts, so that you separate the fruit into wedges. You can see the whole process for doing it in this video.

    9. Folding shirts:

    You can literally fold a shirt in two seconds if you follow these steps: grab the top part (close to the sleeve) with your right hand and the center of the garment with your left. Move your right hand down to the bottom, and pull out your left hand like so. Voilà.

    10. Playing Monopoly:


    There are two official Monopoly rules that not everyone knows:

    1) When a player lands on a property that doesn't belong to anyone and doesn't buy it, the bank has to hold an auction, starting at whatever price it wants. Whoever bids the most gets it.

    2) If there are no houses or hotels left, you can't build more houses or hotels. There are a limited number of game pieces for a reason. Once again, if two or more people want to buy the only properties remaining, the bank has to hold an auction.

    11. Heating up pizza:


    The best way to heat up leftover pizza the following morning is not in the microwave, but in a frying pan. The dough will end up much crunchier, and the cheese will melt just enough. You don't even need to add oil!

    12. Pouring milk (or anything else that comes out of a carton with a cap):


    If you turn the carton around so the opening/cap is at the top, the liquid comes out much more smoothly and won't splash.

    13. Using Post-its:


    The way you remove a Post-it from the pad affects how it will stick afterwards. If you peel it off from left to right, it will bend slightly on one of the sides. If you peel it off from the top of the Post-it pad, it won't stick properly and will lift up at the front. So: the correct way is lift the note up slightly and then pull it down towards you. This way the note will stick well, and none of its sides will lift up.

    14. And finally, eating burgers:

    Fuji TV / Via

    As demonstrated in the Japanese show "Homna Dekka!?" (which brings in experts in fluid mechanics, engineering and dentistry, as explained by Kotaku), the best way top hold a burger is with your little finger and thumb of each hand underneath it and the rest of your fingers above it (without pressing too hard to avoid damaging the bun). This prevents the ingredients from falling out. Oh, and it also helps to warm up your jaw muscles before you start to eat.

    This post was translated from Spanish.