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    Posted on Jun 30, 2018

    36 Signs That You Might Be A Movie Villain

    It's all in the evil laugh.


    1. You drink milk, or tea, or something else that seems out of place with your ~evil nature~.

    2. You talk in metaphors.

    3. You hold eye contact like a total boss.

    4. And you've perfected the art of the smirk.

    5. You have either a super creepy laugh, or a super weird laugh.

    6. You own at least one well-tailored suit.

    7. You have a bust of someone important in your office.

    Marvel Studios

    8. You like to look out the window when you're talking to people.

    9. You also like to keep your hands behind your back when you're talking.

    10. You have an incredibly well-appointed office.

    11. And a bigass leather armchair.

    12. You have some kind of niche hobby, like getting really into train sets.

    13. Bonus points if your hobby involves death, like taxidermy.

    14. Extra bonus points: You take the time to explain your hobby, and use it as a metaphor for evil.

    15. You have a pet snake, or some other kind of reptile.

    16. You used to know the hero's parents.

    17. You suffered something traumatic as a kid.

    18. You're either clean shaven, or you have a goatee.

    Universal Pictures

    19. You play with your food.

    20. And you like to use that food to help make your point.

    21. You offer food in a pretend-polite way to your guests.

    22. You're objectively handsome.

    23. You wear a uniform of some kind.

    Fox 2000 Pictures

    24. You live in a tower, tall building, or a castle.

    25. Your marriage is in trouble, or you've been single for a long time.

    26. You have a cane.

    27. You wear glasses.

    28. You travel around in a black town car.

    29. You come from a long line of criminals.

    30. You play golf.

    31. You are fluent in another language.

    32. You own a huge fish tank.

    33. You gamble at an underground casino.

    34. You have catchphrases.

    35. You like to tell stories about your childhood.

    36. You keep a journal or diary of your exploits.

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