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    17 Reasons Mel C Was Hands Down The Best Spice Girl

    We all need a little more Vitamin C.

    1. For starters, she promoted sports.

    Bertrand Guay / AFP / Getty Images

    Long live the tracksuit.

    2. Not only that, she was VERY committed to her image. So much so that she went to visit Prince Charles wearing a t-shirt that she could have worn to participate in the Tour de France.

    Walter Dhladhla / AFP / Getty Images


    3. She didn't hog the spotlight. Being the letter i was enough for her, even though it took up much less space than the others.


    4. She was the first one to actually sing in "Wannabe."

    Virgin / Via

    5. And it wasn't a throwaway line either, but a declaration of intent: "If you want my future, forget my past."

    Virgin / Via

    Which essentially means "if you want me, shape up."

    6. And then she went to a fancy dinner and was like "look what I think about your etiquette rules, bourgeoisie."

    Virgin / Via

    7. She had tattoos.

    Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

    Before everyone and their mother did.

    8. Her alter ego's name was KATRINA HIGHKICK.

    Virgin / Via Twitter: @mrnicespice

    9. In the "Spice Up Your Life" video, she was wearing these glasses.

    Virgin / Via

    10. And she could KO a guy.

    Virgin / Via

    11. She was the best singer by a mile.

    Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

    By SEVERAL miles.


    Virgin / Via

    13. She wrote one of the songs on the soundtrack of Pokemon: The First Movie (even though Emma would end up singing it).


    So '90s.

    14. She inspired "Emit Remmus" from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' album Californication.

    View this video on YouTube

    Anthony Kiedis wrote it after meeting Mel C. It's "Summer Time" backwards, by the way.

    15. Let's see, THIS KICK.

    Virgin / Via

    16. And everything in the "Say You'll Be There" video.

    Virgin / Via

    Awesome outfit: ✔️

    Weird knives: ✔️

    Ninja moves: HELL ✔️

    17. Long live Mel C.

    Virgin / BuzzFeed

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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