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Posted on May 28, 2018

Only Expert-Level Harry Potter Fans Will Be Able To Identify Characters By The Number Of Times They're Mentioned In The Books

Harry, of course, is mentioned the most often.

Readers of the Harry Potter books know that there's a shit ton of characters, many of whom appear throughout the series. BUT, only true fans will have a sense of just how many times each character was named.

To give you a hint, Harry Potter is mentioned 18,956 times, Molly Weasley is mentioned 722 times, and Nymphadora Tonks 242 times, according to this Wikia article that you should definitely NOT peek at.

  1. Which character is mentioned 6,464 times in the books?

    Clue: This character is the second most frequently named character in the series.



    Hermione is in the third place (5,486 times), followed by Dumbledore (2,421) and Hagrid (2,024).

  2. Who is mentioned 1,797 times?

    Hint: This character had a nickname.



    Amongst all these characters, the one most frequently mentioned is Snape (1,956 times). Sirius Black (1,471) is ahead of Draco Malfoy (1,198) despite the fact that he appears in fewer books.

  3. Which character appears in the books 920 times?

    Hint: This character is the second most often mentioned Weasley.


    Fred Weasley!

    George is mentioned 821 times; Arthur, 780; and Ginny (who barely appears in the first book), 771.

  4. And which character appears 864 times in the books?

    Hint: This person doesn't come into play until almost halfway through the series.


    Remus Lupin!

    Among them all, only Neville (810 times) approaches Lupin's number of mentions. Umbridge (637) and Cho Chang (215) are way behind.

  5. Who is named 720 times in the series?

    Hint: This character has always had Potter's best interests at heart.



    McGonagall is mentioned almost twice as many times as the rest: Fudge is mentioned 493 times, Luna, 356, and Cedric 353.

  6. And who is mentioned 469 times?

    Hint: This character plays a small, but important role in multiple books.



    Lockhart and Trelawney are both mentioned 262 times. Lucius, a bit fewer (249).

  7. Who's mentioned 220 times?

    Hint: Of all these minor characters, it's the one you hear the least about.



    Bellatrix gains prominence only in the final books while the Dursleys (Vernon, 530; Dudley, 467) and Pettigrew are mentioned sooner and more often.

  8. Which character's name comes up 127 times?

    Hint: Of these three characters, this one is mentioned the least.



    Lily is the least mentioned among these three (after adding up mentions of her as Evans and Potter). Harry's father is mentioned 190 times, and Hedwig, 204.

  9. And finally, which character is only mentioned 70 times?

    Hint: This Hogwarts founder is the one most commonly mentioned.



    Gryffindor is a very close second (mentioned 63 times), thanks to his sword, while Ravenclaw (28 times) and Hufflepuff (14) are way behind.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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