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    14 Behaviors That Are Acceptable For Your Pets But Not So Much For Your Friends

    Ohhh suuuuure it's okay when the dog does it huh??

    1. Licking their genitals in front of you — while making eye contact, of course.


    2. Pushing your shit off the table on purpose.

    Also while making eye contact.

    3. Crying/whining when you eat without them.

    Getty / BuzzFeed

    4. Or sighing deeply.

    Getty / BuzzFeed

    5. Stealing food right off your plate.

    6. Looking deep into your eyes while they take a dump.


    7. Licking your face when they're happy to see you.


    8. Maintaining a deep-seated fear of brooms (and vacuums).

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    9. Rubbing against your leg when they want your attention.

    10. Or touching your face until you respond to them.

    Getty / BuzzFeed

    11. Accompanying you to the bathroom — and becoming very interested in the contents of your toilet.

    12. Giving you dead animals as gifts.

    BuzzFeed / Hop'Toys

    13. Stealing your socks.


    This also goes for underwear.

    14. And, above all else, peeing on your furniture.


    Not cool, Jake. Not cool.

    This post was translated from Spanish.