14 Chemical Reactions That Honestly Seem Like Magic

    "Wow." –You in a minute.

    1. Mercury and aluminum:

    2. Pouring blood into hydrogen peroxide:

    3. Iron in a copper sulphate solution:

    4. Coca-Cola mixed with chlorine:

    5. Sodium acetate crystallization:

    6. Phosphorus and oxygen:

    7. Gallium vs. an aluminum can:

    8. p Nitro Aniline with a splash of concentrated sulphuric acid:

    9. This reaction is called "elephant toothpaste":

    10. Here's another version of "elephant toothpaste":

    11. Sodium polyacrylate with water:

    12. Gallium and indium:

    13. Isocyanate and Polyol:

    14. And this is a pharaoh's serpent:

    This post was translated from Spanish.