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14 Chemical Reactions That Honestly Seem Like Magic

"Wow." –You in a minute.

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1. Mercury and aluminum:

Youtube: NileRed / Via

2. Pouring blood into hydrogen peroxide:

YouTube: CrazyRussianHacker / Via

3. Iron in a copper sulphate solution:

YouTube: DizzyCtube / Via

4. Coca-Cola mixed with chlorine:

YouTube: CrazyRussianHacker / Via

5. Sodium acetate crystallization:

YouTube: mike shin / Via

6. Phosphorus and oxygen:

YouTube: Science Skool / Via

7. Gallium vs. an aluminum can:

YouTube: NurdRage / Via

8. p Nitro Aniline with a splash of concentrated sulphuric acid:

YouTube: plasticraincoat1 / Via

9. This reaction is called "elephant toothpaste":

YouTube: koen2all / Via

(It's a rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, with potassium iodide added as a catalyst.)

10. Here's another version of "elephant toothpaste":

YouTube: Thoisoi2 - Chemical Experiments! / Via

But in this case, the catalyst is a solution of potassium permanganate dissolved in water.

11. Sodium polyacrylate with water:

YouTube: Nick Moore / Via

12. Gallium and indium:

YouTube: wwwperiodictableru / Via

13. Isocyanate and Polyol:

14. And this is a pharaoh's serpent:

YouTube: NileRed / Via

It's a rapid decomposition of mercury thiocyanate, after heat has been applied to it.

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