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22 Gorgeous Photos Taken From The Bird's Eye View That We're Obsessed With

Birds are so damn lucky!

1. This shot of a cargo ship:

Getty Images

2. This pic of a field, right as it's getting plowed:

Getty Images

3. This herd of goats and sheep in Landshut, Bavaria:

Armin Weigel / AFP / Getty Images

4. This aerial of a German street:

Julian Stratenschulte / AFP / Getty Images

5. This gorgeous garden in Bangkok:

Getty Images

6. This incredible view of One World Trade Center in NYC:

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

7. This shot of a lone wanderer, with a pink umbrella, strolling through a field:

Federico Gambarini / AFP / Getty Images

8. This breathtaking castle in Lower Saxony, Germany:

Julian Stratenschulte / AFP / Getty Images

9. This lavender harvest in action:

Valio84sl / Getty Images

10. This lush golf course:

Jacoblund / Getty Images

11. This overhead shot of the Octávio Frias Bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Gustavofrazao / Getty Images

12. This suburban landscape in Australia:

Jandrielombard / Getty Images

13. This shot of thousands of people making their Mecca pilgrimage:

Bandar Aldandani / AFP / Getty Images

14. This view of a dam in Indonesia:

Adiartana / Getty Images

15. And this roundabout in Bulgaria:

Media Trading Ltd / Getty Images

16. This is a shot from inside a winery in China:

Vcg / Getty Images

17. And this is a sunrise in Shanghai:

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

18. Here's a tennis match in Acapulco:

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

19. And here's the autumn foliage in Cologne, Germany:

Henning Kaiser / AFP / Getty Images

Autumn foliage envelops a road in Cologne, Germany.

20. This is China's Beiling Park, after a snowfall:

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

21. Finally, here's a shot of yachts in a marina:

Anngl / Getty Images

22. And this is a picture of livestock feeding during a drought in Australia:

Brook Mitchell / Getty Images

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This post was translated from Spanish.