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7 Easy Tips To Improve And Aid Sleep

A person who does not get his or her 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday can become stressed, become cranky and driven to fits of anger. If people are deprived of proper sleep they become prone to many health issues and hence a person should aim to get the required sleep every day. Some people deprive themselves of sleep by unnecessarily wasting time on other unimportant matters while some are unable to sleep at all. For those who deprive themselves of sleep voluntarily, sleep will come if they put the effort but for those who are unable to sleep due to a variety of reasons such as a snoring partner, loud noise, stress, depression etc., the following tips can be useful:

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Wear an eye mask:

Most people think that an eye mask works only on flights. When the eye mask works on planes just consider how beneficial it would be when you wear it in your bedroom. A good eye mask will ensure a good night’s sleep and many people who have had problems sleeping have benefited immensely by just adding an eye mask to their sleeping habits.

Use a noise cancelling headphone:

Again most people think that this is an accessory for use on flights. But many people do not know that it is immensely helpful to aid sleep anywhere. Most people are unable to sleep or wake up when they hear even slight sounds. By wearing a noise cancelling headphone they can restrict noise thereby aiding sleep. There are many well-known brands that manufacture noise cancelling headphones and you can research and find one that suits you best. You can even put the most relaxing and soothing music to get you into the mood to sleep. It has also been found that combining an ear plug along with your noise cancelling headphone can keep all sounds away.

Restrict use of gadgets in the bedroom:

Do not use your cell phone, iPad and other gadgets before going to bed as the light in these gadgets stoke your brain and your brain keeps functioning with renewed vigour and it becomes difficult to sleep. Keep the gadgets away from the bedroom to get a good night’s sleep.

Use aromatherapy:

Aromas have been found to instil sleep. Find an aroma that soothes and relaxes you and use that aroma in your bedroom. As soon as you feel soothed and relaxed you will be able to sleep and that too sleep well.

Do not sleep during the day:

Many people take naps in the daytime. It is good to take small naps but when the same naps create problems for you during the night then it is better to not sleep at all during the day. You will be able to sleep well when you do not sleep in the daytime.

Wash your feet before going to sleep:

This might seem as if it is a foolish thing to do, but many people swear by it. By washing your feet you will induce sleep and sleep better than normal.

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