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Family Tradition, Hobby And A Way To Share Love.

Hello :-) My name is Katie. There are many people that love crafts and cannot imagine their life without a day when they create something pretty. Well, I am one of them! Except for me, it is a little more than just making pretty things. I started crocheting, knitting, sewing and embroidering when I was 4 or 5 years old. I pretty much cannot remember myself not holding knitting needles or crocheting hook in my hands and trying to make some clothes for my dolls and stuffed toys. Mostly because I was always mesmerized by the way a thread, tangled by a hook or needle can transform into all the petty shapes and forms… But also because when I was a kid, my mom, who was a single mother of three, was knitting and sewing and crocheting all day to be able to support the family. She loved her craft, though it was not easy. I am now 28 years old. My mama passed away, when I was 15. To this day, I honor her work and keep the crafting tradition. One day, when I have kids of my own, I will pass the knowledge and love for crafts to them. I truly believe that creating a beautiful thing is not possible without putting your heart, positive energy and care into every single detail. I make clothes, blankets, toys and accessories for kids because I believe that handmade things have the most positive energy that is so necessary for our little ones. In the old times people believed, that baby clothes made with positive energy of good, kind thoughts and wishes can protect a child. Though old believes are long gone from our lives, it is still a pleasure to present our loved ones with a unique gift made by hand and with utmost care! If you want to ask me about my store or craft, do not hesitate to message at any time! I also post pictures of ready products and work in process on Instagram at gugagii ! And share interesting craft and design ideas on Twitter @gugagiietsy . You can see my Etsy store at ! I wish everybody a beautiful and happy day! Best regards, -Katie. 2017.

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Handmade Baby Owl Hat


Custom Baby's Name Knot Beanies


Personalized Baby Blanket


Crochet Foxy Hat


Handmade Crochet Owl rattle toy.

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