11 Reasons You Deserve Something Nice This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for giving. So, you might as well give something to yourself! Check out GUESS this season for some chic and festive party essentials. You earned it, sister.

1. You enrolled in a gym membership and bought a sweet workout outfit.

You haven’t gone yet but, you know, that’s a step in the right direction.

2. You only bought four pairs of shoes this month.

That’s only one a week! Not bad.

3. You watched the news for a few minutes before turning on reality TV.

Well, it was awards show coverage… but still news!

4. You resisted all urges to grab a pair of scissors and attempt to give yourself a pixie cut.

Just because Michelle Williams’ stylist can do it doesn’t mean you can too. Good decision-making skills.

5. You’ve been eating super healthy!

Chocolate and coffee are healthy, right? Antioxidants!

6. You turn your phone off when you go on a date.

Well, you turn it back on when he’s not looking… but still pretty good.

7. You organized your entire closet!

How else would you be able to make room for anything new?

8. You called your mom every week for the whole year.

Plus, you only asked her for things half the time. You are such a good daughter.

9. You started continuing your education.

By subscribing to 15 new fashion blogs.

10. You probably saved, like, $1,000 this year.

If you know anything, it’s where the sales are at.

11. You opened your mind to new things.

And people. ;)

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