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9 Essential Tips To Improve Your Running Time

Your fast just got faster. How do you rank as a runner? Compare your 5K time against the nation with The Guardian, and check out The Guardian Running Blog for even more advice on speeding up your step!

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1. Cross-train at least once a week:


Lifting weights, taking a spinning class, or doing plyometrics are all great ways to increase your speed.

2. Let imaginary zombies chase you:

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Apps like Zombie Run create an apocalyptic world that'll have you sprinting for survival.

3. Adopt a doggy who is just as excited to run as you are:


They are balls of energy who are always ready for some quality outside time.

4. Or find some humans who will hold you accountable: / Via

Some friendly competition will help you keep moving.

5. Make a motivational playlist for added awesomeness:


Everyone has their power song!

6. Train at varying intervals:


Don't keep it constant: Try low- to high-intensity workouts mixed with rest periods.

7. Keep some motivational quotes in mind:


Your mental game is still part of the game.

8. In preparing for a race, plan to load up on carbs:


You can't do it all in one day — start carbo-loading two or three days prior.

9. And don't forget to still have fun once in a while: