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    10 Sustainable Features You May Not Have Spotted In The New Campus Center Spaces

    Have you seen the green going on in the new buildings that opened this fall? They're the buildings created as part of the Campus Center Project, serving as temporary space for Student Center services while the Student Center is renovated. In honor of Campus Sustainability Month, we're highlighting 10 sustainable features you might have missed in the new Exhibition Hall, Pavilion and Cafe.

    1. Drought Resistant Landscaping

    In the landscaping between the buildings you can find many native and adaptive plants filling in the site. These plants will require less water and maintenance - so they can thrive more with less.

    2. Three Giant Cisterns for Capturing and Using Rainwater

    Bhumi Pednekar / Via Giphy

    The Exhibition Hall is so large that the roof will capture and direct the huge amount of stormwater that falls on it into three large cisterns that sit along the building's south side. The water held in them will be used to irrigate the whole area!

    3. Reclaimed Wood Accents

    The Café and Pavilion have interior accents made with wood reclaimed from other sites. Here you see wood salvaged from the old church on 10th Street that was demolished, now giving the café a beautiful design element.

    4. A More Accessible Site Overall

    Via Giphy

    Accessibility is an important part of sustainability. Some of the work on the landscaping around the new buildings included regrading the site to make stairs along the main pathway a thing of the past, and help everyone connect to our services.

    5. The Exhibition Hall's White Roof

    A roof that's painted white will reflect more light, reducing heat gain (and thus utility needs) for the whole building!

    6. Making the Most of Daylight

    Via Giphy

    Before construction even started, we studied the way daylight would hit the building, and used that data to maximize the proportion and type of glass around the exterior. This makes the building's temperature more comfortable and makes the best use of natural light.

    7. Recycled but Refreshed Furniture

    If you spent time in the old Student Center, some of the furniture in the new buildings may look oddly familiar. We saved on materials by re-covering old lounge furniture to give the space a fresh but sustainable lift!

    8. A Greater Connection to Nature

    Via Giphy

    Whether it's the HUGE windows found throughout the new buildings, the deep and inviting porches across the site, or the integration of natural elements in the landscape, this entire area is meant to help our community recharge with a dose of outdoor beauty.

    9. Rain Chains That Connect Water to Natural Pathways

    The Pavilion and Cafe have rain chains along the path side to direct rainwater from the roof into the bioswales that are created using natural elements.

    10. Garage Doors That Open to Allow for Natural Ventilation.

    Via Giphy

    That's not all those doors are good for! In addition to the nice breeze running through our spaces and keeping us cool without using energy, these doors will allow larger items like a certain 1930 Model A Ford we all love to enter the Exhibition Hall for display.